We understand that safe and sustained drinking water is central to the health and well-being of any community in India and recognizes that community’s face multiple challenges is procuring, storing and using drinking water. Purification of water alone can reduce waterborne illness like typhoid and diarrhea and prevent child morbidity and mortality which is an inherent problem in India.

Based on these lines, HGINFRA has initiated safe drinking water projects for communities in different villages and public places in the states of Rajasthan and Haryana in collaboration with Enable Health Society and technical partner Piramal Sarvajal (Piramal Water Private Limited). This entails setting up the water purification unit along with a wall mounted water ATM and ensure availability and 24 x 7 access to safe drinking water. Through this model, local employment opportunities are also generated by employing people from the communities as machine operators, contributing to the economic development.

Need of Programme

  • India has a population of 1.2 billion of which 68% is rural.
  • 77 million Indians lack access to safe drinking water.
  • On an average, a rural woman walks more than 14000 km a year just to fetch water.
  • According to World Bank estimates, 21% of communicable diseases in India are related to unsafe water.

Our Support

  • Provides water purifications units along with Wall mounted water ATMs in the different villages of Rajasthan & Haryana.
  • Low-footprint public facing Water ATMs provide 24x7 availability of water at a transparent, affordable price.
  • Conducting door to door awareness sessions to spreading awareness to drink safe drinking water in rural community.

Program Impact

  • Villagers have access to drinking water of assured quality.
  • Community members, particularly women and children, need not waste time in fetching water from remote sources.
  • Sustainable local jobs are created through program operation.
  • Work absenteeism due to water related illnesses is reduced.

H.G. Foundation (The “Foundation”) is the philanthropic arm of H.G. Infra Engineering Limited, (“HGINFRA”) formed to provide impetus to various CSR initiatives of HGINFRA as an expression of its vision towards Building Community for Better Future. The functioning of the foundation started in 2012. Currently we are implementing the CSR and Welfare initiatives of HGINFRA and its subsidiaries.